Pearls and Knots


          *         Catch a Memory

          *         Write It Down

          *          Edit, Edit

           *         Share It Aloud

           *         Catch Another...

           *         Write It As a Memoir?

           *         Write It as Fiction?


I have waited a lifetime to begin my writing dream.  As I finish and prepare to publish this memoir, I am also working on a young adult novel, ​Yesterday's Tomorrows.  I can't wait to see what imaginative chaos my words conjure in readers' minds!

I hold an English and French degree from the University of Iowa, and an Education Administration Master's from Chicago State and Northeastern Illinois University.  Following a long career as a teacher and principal in Chicago and the suburbs, I traded my chalk, the office bench, and those hundreds of wonderful students and staff I met along the way,  for the Off Campus Writers' Workshop, my inspirational writing buddy Maureen, and an awesome critique group of fellow writers. My family, which now includes three children, nine grandchildren, and two great grandchildren, remains my inspiration for all that I do.

Pearls and Knots 

Perhaps more questions than answers, Pearls and Knots ​is my collection of memory treasures.  What began as an attempt to capture a few moments from the past, triggered during a time of extreme health challenges in my husband's life, now stands as a quick-read memoir.  Its purpose is to challenge you, whether you call yourself a writer or not,  to pick up your own memory net to gather and then write your stories for family and friends.

                     What Is My Journey?

Dedicated to mastering the art of capturing memories and passing them forward.