Pearls and Knots

Gather those poems or essays that you wrote down a few - or many - years ago.


​Interview a family member or friend.  Perhaps video the process.  Narrow the topic.  Pick an event, a year, or a decade.  Photographs make great starters.

Think of 5 fabulous family stories that you love to tell...

Dedicated to mastering the art of capturing memories and passing them forward.


What Are Your ​Writerly Wits?

Myth:  "I can only ​be a writer if I am a writer."

Fact:   "Hogwash!  You talk and text and email, don't you?

All the time, right?  Well, it's in your bag of tricks...these are your writerly wits!  It's all there.  Just believe in your passion.  Learn the process of putting it down.  Watch it work to create your writing."